The Best Travel Experiences of the Year

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Dave and Deb of The Planet D round up their most exciting travel moments of 2015. From walking with Polar Bears to soaring above the Pyrenees, they highlight their favourite moments of the year.

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*Travel Video Transcript*

Hey everybody, Dave and Deb here and we’re rounding up our favourite travel experiences of 2015.
Yeah it’s been a really exciting year, and let’s start with our number 1 experience, it was the CN Tower Edgewalk in Toronto Canada.
Why was that exciting for me?
Because I got to take my dad on one of our adventures.
We went up on the world’s tallest edgewalk 360 degrees around Toronto and it was spectacular, a little scary, and very exciting.
For me it would be walking with polar bears up in Manitoba on Hudson Bay.
Getting that close to those wild animals safely ah, was an experience I’ll never forget.
Just to see the mother’s walking with their cubs and being able to have that interaction, was a really really special experience.
Our number 3 activity takes us to Canada again, and this was when we went on a helicopter hike and snowshoe over the rocky Mountains.
It was absolutely the most beautiful helicopter tour we’ve ever taken seeing the snowy peaks of the Rockies and then getting to hike on a mountain that no-one else gets to .
Next on the list, is kayaking with Beluga Whales in Churchill Manitoba.
And this was so special because getting close to the wildlife and having them come up right next to you.
And there were pods and pods of these beluga whales feeding all around us.
It really felt like you could reach out and touch them.
Incredible experience.
Something that I love doing as well was going coasteering in Wales.
And the reason that’s surprising to me is that I didn’t want to do it, but once I got out on the Atlantic water jumping off cliffs and traversing along the coastline, I had a blast.
You must try it.
Next on the list would be a flight over Dubai.
And one way to get a great appreciation for this city is to do a flight over Dubai.
You get to really see how they built this city in just under 25 years.
It’s smack dab in the middle of the desert.
You have to do that if you go to Dubai.
Another exciting adventure for me was doing a via ferrata in Spain.
This was a lot of fun doing it on the only coastal via ferrata in I think all of Europe.
So that was a lot of fun to be dangling off cliffs and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, it was gorgeous.
And for our next one we’ll stay in Spain and go in a hot air balloon over the Pyrenees.
Now we love hot air ballooning for sure it gives you that very different perspective and different experience because it feels like you’re floating not flying.
But to do it over it over these beautiful majestic mountains at sunrise it really was the ultimate experiences of 2015.
It was and I’m going to stay in the sky again because I think I really enjoyed flying over Maui.
I always wanted to see the Hawaiian Islands from above and getting to see Maui and Molokai from a helicopter was really a beautiful experience.
These are the hightest sea cliffs in the entire world
Next we head to South Dakota
When we went up to that Crazy Horse Memorial. Wow. To stand there you realize how small you are and how massive this Crazy Horse is.
Yeah and the flight over and seeing the Crazy Horse from the sky and seeing Mount Rushmore, I’ve always wanted to see that.
It was a great flight.
And the final one on our list takes us out to the Caribbean to the Dominica Republic where we got to go on these Aqua Riders which was like driving your own boat at like full tilt boogie.
Going through all the waves
Catching the little bit of air
It was a blast.
That was a lot of fun, and it was actually one of the first adventures of the year so I’ impressed that you remembered that one Dave.
You know I got a good noggin up here.
So we had a big 2015 and we’re so looking forward to 2016.
These were the highlights of our year, why don’t you leave some comments and tell us where you think we should go for 2016.
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By everyone!
See ya!

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