Walking the Cinque Terre in Northern Italy

Walking the Cinque Terre – Five Villages
The Cinque Terre of Italy is one of the top things to see in Italy
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Dave and Deb of The Planet D embark on the famous 5 villages hike on Northern Italy’s famous Cinque Terre. The 11 kilometre hike takes about 5 hours and winds through the iconic colourful buildings and towns along the country’s breathtaking Mediterranean coast.

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Cinque Terre Five Villages Hike


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Cinque Terre Video Transcript:

We’re in Northern Italy in Cinque Terre and we’re about to do the 5 Villages walk.

It takes about 5 hours and we’re going to be going 11 km along the beautiful Mediterranean Coast

There’s the trail!

The path takes you through lovely villages

Now this is the life, cappuccino on the Cinque Terre in Italy.

A little excitement.

We’re here in the town of Manarola Italy

379, 380,381,382, we made it.

We are now in Corniglia, and we are at a nice little square overlooking the Mediterranean we just walked up a bunch of steps, so it’s reward time, we are going to look for a place to eat.
We’ll have some lunch in beautiful Italy.

We’re walking along the final trail of the day and we are amongst lavender, and all kinds of aromatherapy, and essential oils, there’s olive fields, there’s vineyards, and we also have some lemon trees.

It’s a beautiful walk this is a far more rugged terrain and a lot more fun

The day’s gorgeous, let’s keep on going

We have arrived in Vernazza and gelato awaits.

And here is our reward for a long day on the trail

Pimenta, yogurt with straberries, and fondante,

Excellent reward