Venezuela travel vlog | E01 | Salto Sapo & Canaima National Park 2019

The Venezuela crisis is is breaking news today in 2019.

With Nicolas Maduro getting almost as attention as Donald Trump, and Juan Guaido being recognized as the new president, people are speaking of protests, upheavals, and even an upcoming coup.

Our hearts go out the the Venezuelan people. Myself and my travel companion Lexie Alford visited this beautiful place late 2018, with the mission to show another side of a country in crisis. We planned to show the beauty of the people, and the natural beauty of the country.

This is not a video about the current econimical or political situation. This is a Venezuela travel vlog of what we experienced as tourists.

We begin our adventure from flying from Miami to Caracas. Arrival at the airport was not filmed, we wanted to keep to ourselves until we could understand the real risks involved. He has expected everything to be much better than the news portrayed, and it seemed true. The next morning we take a small prop plane from Caracas to Canaima National Park, home of Angel Falls. Upon arriving we saw nobody, it was deserted except for a few staff who directed us to the hotel.
That afternoon we booked a tour to a waterfall known as Salto Sapo, known as Frog Falls, and fell in love immedialtely. This was going to be an incredible trip.