Travel Tips: How To Make Travel Meaningful

How To Make Travel Meaningful
Dave and Deb of The Planet D share their tips from 10 years of travel
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Dave and Deb of The Planet D showcase ways to turn your travels into meaningful experiences. Travel isn’t just about sitting on a beach, it’s about experiencing cultures and making a difference to the lives of others and yourself. If you are looking for ways to make your travels meaningful, this video is for you.
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Video Transcript:
Hey everybody, today we are going to be talking to you
About how you can make your travels more meaningful
Travel really changed our lives
We started off doing something epic when we cycled the continent of Africa.
But it’s when we decided to cycle for the charity that it really had an impact on our lives.
Yeah, one way that you can make your travels meaningful is to travel for a cause.
If you go to visit a destination, you can find out what they need when you’re there.
We found out when we were cycling Africa that water is a big factor.
That microfinancing is a big factor to help boost the economy and education is very important.
And that’s why we chose to cycle for Plan Canada.
Another way that you can make your travels meaningful is to support the local economy.
And by this I mean, make sure you are visiting local businesses.
When you are going somewhere trekking a mountain, make sure you hire local guides.
We make sure to always do that and we’ve had some incredible experiences.
Where, you know when we were climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp, we hired local guides and local porters
And those guys are still our friends today.
So, not only can you help them with their businesses, you can make friendships that will last forever.
One thing that we love doing when we travel is to immerse in the culture.
It’s one thing to take a tour and look through the glass of the tour bus,
But get outside and walk around.
You know, it was great when we got to actually stay over in a Maasai Village in Kenya.
And when we were in Mongolia and we stayed overnight in a Gher and learned about their horse culture.
There are so many ways to learn about other cultures that are a lot of fun.
And you can actually come home and learn a lot of things, and give it a try in your own country.
And meaningful travel isn’t just about giving back, it’s about involving yourself in the local community.
And that could be by doing courses.
I know when we were in Thailand we did a Muay Thai course to learn about the culture.
Yeah, when you take a course it’s actually a great way to empower yourself.
By doing Yoga in India.
Or going on a retreat
You know, it’s all about making yourself a better person as well.
And that can really inspire you to take that home and make your life better at home.
Another way that you can make your travels meaningful is that you can visit a wildlife sanctuary.
That way all the proceeds that are raised are going to wildlife conservation, to rescues and you get to meet the animals and actually feel all fuzzy inside.
Another great way to make your travels meaningful is to volunteer.
Now you can do this in several ways.
You can do an entire tour of volunteering,
where you take your entire trip, and volunteer at a local project.
Or while you are traveling, you can go and volunteer for a day.
We’ve taught English in for a day in Cambodia, we visited a local school.
It’s a really wonderful way to get to know the community and to make yourself feel good as well.
So those are our ideas on how you can make your travels meaningful.
If you have anymore ideas or any other great things that you’ve done to make your travels meaningful.
Leave them in the comments below.
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