Travel Insurance Explained – Why you Need it and What to do in a Medical Emergency

Many people don’t think you need travel or medical insurance but you do. Accidents and illnesses can happen anywhere. When searching for an insurance company make sure you know what is covered and what happens when a medical emergency does happen.
The most important thing you can buy is medical evacuation insurance. If you have a serious injury you need to make sure you can be air lifted home to get the proper medical attention you need.

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About Dave and Deb

We’re The Planet D – Forbes Magazine named us one of the top influencers in travel for 2017. Having travelled the world since 2003 and full time since 2009, we’ve had our share of medical emergencies. Before we even started travel blogging, we bought trip insurance and always had medical coverage.
We’ve been in the hospital on five different continents from
↠Deb contracting a serious blood infection while cycling Africa to
↠Dave breaking his back in the Peruvian Amazon and
↠having a motorcycle accident in Asia. We’ve seen our share of hospitals and doctors and understand the importance of medical insurance.

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►Recommended Insurance Companies
↠We use American Express Travel Insurance:
We used to work with AMEX Canada but no longer work with them. We have kept the insurance and credit card because we think it offers amazing coverage.
It was American Express that we used to be airlifted out of the Amazon, had medical coverage and hospital stays covered in Iquitos and had all our evacuation costs taken care of.

↠Allianz Insurance – Other people swear by Allianz Insurance. We haven’t used it but fellow travellers love it:

↠World Nomads is another insurance company that fellow travel bloggers swear by.

What ever travel insurance you decide on, be sure to phone the company and ask all the questions we suggest in the video. Make sure to get the right insurance for you.