Travel Deeper – Japan

After spending almost four months living and traveling around Japan, I am now perhaps even more lost than I was at the beginning.

The problem with travel is, the more you learn and discover, you realize the less you actually know.

As soon as I think I have Japan figured out… a new door opens.

The only solution I’ve ever known for this uncomfortable position is to just absorb as much as possible – like tofu in a big bowl of Chanko Nabe – the goal is to take in substance and gain perspective.

New flavors change what I thought I knew about Japanese food. I see the process of sushi auctioned, packaged, prepared and presented. I see the amount care put into each bowl of soup. I see the precision taken by every day cooks – my palette evolves.

New adventures change what I thought I knew about Japanese culture. From the snow-capped mountains of Nozawa to the tropical waters of Ishigaki – My outlook widens.

And new relationships change what I thought I knew about Japanese people. As it has been with every other chapter in this life, what determines a viewpoint more than anything else – is the people I meet along the way.

Truth is, the reason I came to Japan was to find a place that was completely out of my element. I was in search of something unique to anything I’ve ever known. And luckily for me… that’s exactly what I found and I am forever shaped by this experience.