Things to do in Budapest – City Guide

Make the most of your European travels by following these easy travel tips when you arrive at your destination. We filmed this travel tips video in beautiful Budapest, Hungary. It can be difficult settling into your travels, so by following a few of these tips, you’ll have the European vacation of a lifetime. Now that you know how to prepare for your European vacation, particularly to Budapest, check out the top things to do in Budapest at ThePlanetD!

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Video Transcript:
when you first arrive in this city like
Budapest, where the language is
pretty difficult to understand it’s
important to have
a lot of pre-planning before you go. You
want to know where you’re going
where you’re staying view the map
beforehand and learn a little bit if the
One great thing to do when you get a city is find a tourist information centre
that where you could get your maps, some tips on where to go and get your
orientation of where you are in each city
Know the exchange of the currency
up front became very overwhelming when you go to pay for something
and suddenly panic going, I don’t know how much this is
You don’t want to be ripped off, so know the exchange rate ahead of time.
So once you’ve got your map and know where you want to go, what we like to do
is go out, take a walk around, find out where you are, get familiar with the
local sites
It really gives you a better feel for the
another way to get acquainted with the
destination is to take city tour
so behind me is the little Trebant that that
we’ve been
heading around Budapest in. It’s an interesting little car
it’s from the communist-era and it
was built in
east Germany, funny enough, and let me tell you, it’s fun to bomb around in this little thing.
it’s got some guts and it sounds like a tank.
Communicating in another language can be difficult.
especially in Hungarian. so we suggest
taking a language course
Besse Lek, Moya Rule.
Meaning, I speak Hungarian.
That’s a little Hungarian for you.
If you do come here to Budapest and you want to learn a little bit of Hungarian
Go to Fungarian, because you are going to have fun learning Hungarian.
Just as we have today.