The Best of Spain’s Costa Brava Coast

In this travel video Dave and Deb of ThePlanetD showcase all there is to do on the Costa Brava coast of Catalonia, Spain. It’s an excellent road trip.

This video was shot and edited by Wandertooth,
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Visiting Costa Brava is really an excellent way to
unwind, relax and take in some stunning coastal views
It has some great food, it has wonderful small seaside villages
Great beaches, I can understand why it was named one of the top destinations in the
get off the highway and make your way to the coastal drive
the smaller roads take you to these interesting places
but they’re also a really fun to drive
Woohoo road trip
we’re here in Tossa de Mar and I gotta
say if you are driving Costa Brava or
Visiting Costa Brava
this is definitely one of the places
that you have to come. It’s a beautiful
seaside village, it has a lot a great hotels
and an absolutely gorgeous beach.
Another great stop in Costa Brava is
Sant Feliu de Guixols. This is a town that’s on the coast
it’s beautiful and known for the 10th century monastery that’s right behind us.
You can go in, give it a tour and check out the museum that’s in there as well.
Just one of the great historic things that are along the drive here in Costa Brava
So we’re here in the town of Port Lligat just outside of Cadaques
and we’re up on the North Eastern tip of Costa Brava
and the hightlight of this town is going to the
Salvador Dali house where Dali himself
lived and decorated and designed it all himself
so make your reservations before hand online and don’t be stuck like us

another thing that you have to do
when you come here to Costa Brava is
it hike coastal trail
this is just the best way to get the
feel for it
the landscape. As you can see behind me, the views are

absolutely stunning no matter where you. Yeah the Coastal Trail runs
the entire Costa Brava Coast, it’s well marked

and I suggest just staying in a city and doing day trips back and forth.