Stingless Jellyfish lake | Kakaban Berau Borneo

In this Indonesia Travel Vlog we visit Kakaban. A stingless jellyfish lake in Berau Regency, Derawan, off of the island of Borneo (aka Kalimantan).

This isn’t the only stingless jellyfish lake in the world. The most famous being in Palau and Siargao, Philippines. The jellies in all of these lakes are called stingless because there are no natural predators here, and they do not have the need for protection. The reality is though, they do in fact sting, but the stingers on their tentacles (called nematocysts) are too small to pierce the skin of people. If you’re a small fish, or other creature… you’re lunch.

There are 4 species of Jellies in this lake, and in this Indonesia Travel Vlog, we go exploring to find each of them.

Big love to Wonderful Indonesia for hosting this trip!
This was part of the #TripOfWonders, and annual influencer trip where creators get together and explore Wonderful Indonesia

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