Polar Plunge, Antarctica!!! The Mad Tradition of Jumping into freezing water

Dave and Deb of ThePlanetD take the Polar Plunge in Antarctica with Quark Expeditions.

When visiting Antarctica, The Polar Plunge is a right of passage. If you don’t take it you feel shame for being such a wimp! Free Subscribe to ThePlanetD for more crazy travel videos http://bit.ly/1NL1tD6 When you travel with Quark Expeditions http://bit.ly/1x4xKAd you have the added pressure having to jump off the boat in the Middle of the Antarctic Peninsula! When you watch this you will see that this was definitely not Deb’s favourite activity……but she did it. Awesome!

See more about our travels to Antarctica and what it’s really like to jump into the frigid Antarctic waters during the Polar Plunge: http://theplanetd.com/polar-plunge-antarctica/

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Video Transcript:

I’m ready for the polar plunge, are you?
So I’m doing the polar plunge in the Antarctic and I’m really afraid, I wasn’t going to do it, I was going to wimp out.
But then I changed my mind because I thought I’d regret it the rest of my life.
And then I’d have all of you to answer to, so here I go, I’m going to jump in this freezing water.
I don’t even do this in Canada, why am I doing this here?
I’m looking for the thrill.
It’s just an invigorating swim, an invigorating swim.
I’m really scared.
I can’t go far.
How was that, how was that?
It was so cold!
how was it? Terrible.
I didn’t like it, I didn’t like it.
You loved it!
It’s three degrees outside, going into some zero degree water.
If the camera’s shaking it’s because Deb just did it and she’s freezing.
Our fabulous kayaking guides, Solan and Val are taking care of us today.
Go Canada
Oh my God!
My body’s numb now.
That’s was awesome.
Antarctica 2012, Polar Plunge.
Drex, tell us how it was.
Amazing, ridiculous, outrageous.
So we just did the polar plunge here in Antarctica off the Sea Spirit with Quark, Deb’s still shivering I can feel her.
My body’s completely numb.
Come here, do not miss this, the polar plunge is where it’s at.
Congratulations everybody.
We’re in Antarctica, on the continent.
We’re all polar plungers here.