Mexico’s Cenotes The Most Magical in Rio Secreto

Rio Secreto Mexico – The Magical Cenotes of the Mayan Riviera.

“Dave and Deb of ThePlanetD take you on a journey through the Rio Secreto Cenote just outside of Cancun Mexico using their Go Pro Hero 4 to capture the underwater caves of the Mayan Riviera.”

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Visiting a cenote in Mexico is a must. Rio Secreto is Mexico’s newest cenote only discovered 7-years ago! It is the most exclusive cenote tour in the Mayan Riviera with a maximum of 6 people on each tour. Tours take different routes through the 30km plus cave system to explore the underground waterways. It is a spectacular 3-hour tour where you swim through giant caverns and narrow tunnels all in pristine condition. Lit only by headlamps and a flashlight, this is the way to experience a Mexican Cenote.

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