How Travel Helps you Live a Full Life

“How do we live a full life? By incorporating adventures like kayaking into our world travels.”

This video is sponsored by Abbott as part of their LIFE. TO THE FULLEST mission. All thoughts and opinions are our own.
We’ve gone kayaking on all seven continents to countless countries. From kayaking with beluga whales to crashing through brash ice in Antarctica it is a huge part of our travels and we talk about why it is an important part of staying healthy, active and balanced.
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Travel Video Transcript:
Hey everyone, we’re coming to you from the beautiful island of Skiathos, Greece.
And today we are talking to you about living a healthy, and more fulfilled life.
We have partnered with Abbott who has made it their mission to ask 1 million people, What does living fully mean to you?
So when Abbott approached us, and asked us how we have learned to live a full life, we naturally said, through travel.
Travel helped us get out of our rut in life, it strengthened our relationship and it got us healthy and active.
And we are starting to find that the way we balance our travel and activities is to do adventures.
And we have found that the one that really stands out to us is kayaking.
It’s the perfect balance between spirituality and physical endurance.
I remember being in Antarctica where I’m paddling through the beautiful waters and just listening to the silence and being centered. You know?
And that whole spirituality of dipping that paddle in the water, really connected me.
Something that I love about kayaking, is the challenge.
I really think travel is an important way to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.
And I remember when we did a kayaking trip on Lake Superior, and we were circumnavigating island and I remember just thinking about the power of Mother Nature.
And how I was kayaking through huge waves and looking at the gigantic coastline.
But when I was finished it was such a true sense of accomplishment to know that I faced my fears and conquered a little bit of Mother Nature.
And I think that’s sort of the beauty of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is that reward that you get at the end of the day.
And I think doing things on a longer basis like an expedition or something like that really allows you to get into that zone that gives you that sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.
And it’s a great way for us to stay in shape.
Getting out there and doing 20km a day on a kayak, puts us back in shape and gets us thinking about our health once again.
Yeah it reconnects you with your body and I think that’s the most important part of travel and adventure and staying healthy is finding that connection again between yourself, your body and your mental self.
And kayaking has really done that for us.
As you can see, kayaking is our way of living a more fulfilled life. It has been the common thread of keeping us healthy, and active and it challenges us and not only that, we have a lot of fun.
So we want to hear from you too.
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We’re living a full life. How about you?