How to Make Hawaiian Poke | Travel Vlog

How to Make Hawaiian Poke – Food Travel
Dave and Deb of ThePlanetD learn how to make Hawaiian Poke in Maui.

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We recently visited Maui and stopped at the Grand Wailea Resort for a quick cooking lesson by Executive Chef Ryan Urig on how to make Poke.
Poke is a favourite Hawaiian food of fresh fish, herbs and spices. Learn how to make your own by following the ingredients in this video!

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Video Transcript:
So we’re here with Chef Ryan here at the Grand Wailea
And I’m going to learn how to make some Poke.
It’s going to be some kick ass Poke let me tell you
So, what do I have to do to make some kick ass poke?
We’ve got beautiful product here, we’ve got some fresh Ahi
We got a beautiful yellowtail.
That’s our yellowtail hamachi.
And here we’ve got wonderful components here
We have fresh Maui onion,
We’ve got fresh ginger,
Right now it’s ram season so we’ve got fresh rams.
Fresh cut calamansi.
Calamansi is a cross between a lime and a lemon.
Filipino lime, very nice.
Then we have our sea asparagus you could throw in there.
We have two different kind of ogos.
We have the purple ogo and green.
It has a nice little texture very salty
And some fresh avocado
We’ve got shiso leaves you could add.
Little bit of green onion, and sombal.
So basically I can mix any of these together and make my own sort of concoction, my own custom poke.
Alright, so I’ll take a little bit of ahi tuna,
is it good to mix the two?
I would yeah definitely .
You get two different textures you get the sweetness.
Alright I’m in there for that.
Take a little bit of the onion here.
Definitely some ginger I think.
You’ve got your ogo for the nice texture. Very nice
And colour at the same time. Yeah
That’s looking delicious!
Perfect we’re good so far.
And if you like spice, we have the nice sambal or here we have our fresh out of the garden our Hawaiian chilis.
Let’s do the Hawaiian chilis for sure.
Just a little bit, don’t want to make it too spicy.
And also we have a nice toasted macadamia nut, with a little bit of Hawaiian sea salt in there to give a nice little texture.
You always gotta end it with seasoning.
So here we have a beautiful Molokai black salt.
Then we have our Hawaiian sea salt.
And if you want we just have our traditional sea salt right here.
Alright, let’s mix this all together.
Let’s see what kind of chef I really am.
And if you always wanted to add a little more colour, you could add some scallions, some onions or the rams.
Alright there that looks delicious!
Let’s do it!
My first attempt at Poke and I made it myself.
Mmm, wow, that’s fantastic.
If you are looking for a dish that’s refreshing, and really really tasty, make your own Poke, thank you very much chef.
This is absolutely fantastic I’ll take this recipe home and make my own homemade poke.
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