Exploring Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

Dave and Deb of The Planet D explore Nova Scotia’s Peggy’s Cove and learn the proper way to enjoy an authentic Atlantic lobster. A tour aboard the Sea Do IV is a fantastic way to get a great view of the coastline, surrounding islands and the iconic lighthouse. If you can, get down to the lighthouse at sunrise, before the tour busses arrive, and enjoy it all to yourself!
For more information on Nova Scotia visit http://www.novascotia.com/

Read more and see the photos: http://theplanetd.com/peggys-cove-from-land-and-sea/
For Peggy’s Cove tours visit: http://www.peggyscoveboattours.com/

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Exploring Peggy’s Cove

Peggy’s Cove is such a pretty fishing village

and it was started by just six families

who were granted 800 acres by the government

today it is still a working fishing village

and this is how people have supported their families

for the past 200 years

the time to come to Peggy’s Cove is definitely

at sunrise

there’s nobody here

so we’re getting ready to head out on our

Peggy’s Cove boat tour here

a great way to see that lighthouse from a different perspective

let’s go

so sitting in front of me is my very first east coast lobster

and you know what?

I’m here on the east coast of Nova Scotia

actually gonna dine on one

so I’m really looking forward to it

and what you do then is just grab the tail

either one side or the other

get your fingers here

get your fingers in this little area right here

and just basically peel it open

peel and push at the same time

these things are not very light

so you gotta really crack them open

so we got some instruction on how to eat a lobster

so I’m gonna see how good I am

first I gotta take off the limbs

and then I think I gotta get into the tail
and at least get that off
and we’ll see how far we get so
here we go

and there you go
that’s how you get into a maritime lobster