Angel Falls aka Salto Angel in Canaima National Park is the highest waterfall in the world!

In this second episode of our Venezuela 2019 travel vlog, we continue our adventures South America at Canaima National Park.
For both Lexie and I, visiting Angel Falls was always a travel goal. With the current mess with Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuela crisis hitting a peak in the news, and the massive drop in tourism, we thought we would have to put it off indefinitely.
Fortunately we had great contacts (Pablo and Sandy), who made this dream trip possible for us. So we flew into Caracas, and the story begins. They say “Don’t blame a country by the actions of its government” So we couldn’t believe all the bad Venezuela news, we wanted to meet the people, and see its nature and landscape.

The day started with a 3 hour boat ride up Rio Carrao, with a stop at La Poza de Felicidad, or Happiness Pool. When we got to our campsite, we found it abandoned. Angels Falls used to get 500+ tourists a day, and now it was receiving what looked like it’s first 2 in a long time. We set up our hammocks and begun to explore. We found a crack in the jungle, and bam… There it was Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, peeking out between the trees.

The next morning we started early and hiked an hour to a viewpoint and pool at the base of the falls. We even managed to get drone video of angel falls. It was the perfect travel day.

Our hearts go out the the Venezuelan people. Myself and my travel companion Lexie Alford visited this beautiful place late 2018, with the mission to show another side of a country in crisis. We planned to show the beauty of the people, and the natural beauty of the country.

This is not a video about the current economical or political situation. This is a Venezeula travel vlog of what we experienced as tourists.